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Team Southside

Team Southside Polaris/SSI Decals/Wiseco/Rage Motors/Drift Innovation Wins Big at NEATV Rounds 3 & 4

Cody Paolella
Cody Paolella

Eddie Bandel
Eddie Bandel

Mark Gehring
Mark Gehring

Travis Moore
Travis Moore
North  Adams, MA – Team Southside has had a strong couple rounds even with Kyle Paolella and Bruce Gaspardi Jr being injured in the process. Kyle was injured previous to round 3 while practicing breaking a bone in his foot, while Bruce was hurt in moto 2 of Collegeboy at round 3 when he got the holeshot but some contact from behind sent him rolling but he managed to finish half the moto for to receive points before heading to the hospital where he ended up with a Grade 5 Separation of his shoulder and had surgery last Thursday.

Travis Moore had a great couple weekends in the Pro class going 2-3 with a third overall at round 3, and was able grab the moto 1 Pro holeshot. Still riding with a dislocated wrist he has been doing the best he can for not being able to practice during the week to get more used to the Polaris and JRI Shocks. At round 4 down in Clifford PA at Hurricane Hills he was able to go 2-2 for a 2nd overall in Pro and also repeated that in the Pro-Am class as well. He currently sits 2nd in Pro points and 4th in Pro-Am points coming into Round 5 this weekend.

Max Soto of Argentina had a great couple rounds, at round 3 he finished 3rd overall in the Pro-Am class for his first ever Pro-Am podium in the USA and then that weekend he also grabbed a holeshot in one of the Open A motos and was able to win the overall in that class. Then at Hurricane he would finish 6th overall in 4-Stroke A, and would be able grab the moto 2 win Open A where he currently sits 2nd in points.

Jesse Onesti had his best weekend of the season thus far in Maine where he would finish 4th overall in 4-stroke A and grab the moto 1 win in Open A and ended up 5th overall. In Hurricane he would finish 4th overall in Open A, and 10th overall in 4-Stroke A. He currently leads the Open A points over his teammate Max.

Mark Gehring is looking more and more fluid on his Fox/Rage Polaris with every moto. In Maine he would grab the Moto 1 4-Stroke A and Pro-Am holeshots, and would finish with a 3rd overall in 4-Stroke A and 8th overall in Pro-Am. Then at Hurricane he would get tangled up in the first corner in his moto 1 of 4-Stroke A, but would rally in the afternoon during moto 2 to get him a 9th overall. Then in Pro-Am he would end up 8th overall.  He currently sits 5th in 4-Stroke A points and 7th in Pro-Am.

Cody Paolella aka “Robin” has been riding like a superhero not a sidekick so far this season. In Maine he had 4 holeshots and 4 moto wins on his Rage/Drift Innovation/Fox Polaris and then at Hurricane he had a little bit of bad luck only getting 2 of the 4 holeshots, Still managed to win 2 motos and an overall, he finished 4th in the last moto of the day after a bad line choice & a slight over eagerness to make a pass caused to come off while in 2nd. But the good thing is, he was alright physically and managed to still finish 4th and has a solid lead in both B classes, Open and 4-Stroke.

Kellie Moran of Red Bank New Jersey had a great couple weekends and is progressing more and more on her Polaris. In Maine she finished 4th overall after she stopped to check on a follow rider who crashed in moto 2 before continuing on. Then at Hurricane she would finish 3rd overall in womens and ran a moto with the boys and finished 6th. She currently sits 2nd in womens points. And this past weekend she won the womens overall at the Wildwood Thunder in the Sand race.

Eddie Bandel who is still getting used to an atv is looking great. With this being only his second and third races ever on a quad, in Maine, he went 3-1 for a first overall and 1-1 for a first overall with 3 holeshots and then at Hurricane he grabbed both moto 1 holeshots in 4-Stroke C and Open C along with both wins but in his first moto 2, he took a pretty good tumble during the holeshot and sat out the afternoon. But he is un-phased and will be in New Hampshire this weekend.

Also at Round 4, Cody Paolella was torn down after the racing was done because of some speculation from some of the riders on the series and he was found 100% legal. So that jus goes to show, that if you want some seriously fast motors, give Dee from Rage Atv a call. They have been around the atv scene forever and they have been helping keep all our Polaris’ up front every weekend.

We have a bunch of HD Drift helmet cam footage from the past couple rounds that we are in the process of getting online along with some get pictures and footage from Jett Media Inc. So be sure to check out our Team Southside Polaris facebook page.

A special thanks to all our sponsors: South Side Sales, SSI Decals, Drift Innovation HD Cameras, Rox Speed Fx, Rage Atv Motors, Wiseco, DP Brakes, NGK Sparkplugs, Scott Sports, Fox Racing Shox, Polaris Industries, Asterisk, The Rider Scope, Jett Media Inc, Motorsportvisionz, Twin Air, Skull Candy, FMF, Vortex, DVS, Precision-RP, Hot Cams, Tiger Racing Products, Rath Racing, DWT, Walsh RC, Motoworks, and JRI Shocks.

Follow us on facebook at and at our website which is still being finished at

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