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Matlock Racing

Matlock Racing AMA District Race Report

This past weekend I had one of the best weekends of racing this year. It was the last round of the AMA District 38 series. It consisted of a full day of racing in the desert on Sunday. There were two different 45 minute dirt bike races followed by a 45 min quad race then an 1 ½ hour dirt bike team race then an 1 ½ quad team race. I started my day out with a win in the 45 minute quad race and then I headed back to the trailer to get the dirt bike ready to go ( yes I said dirt bike). The week before the race I had called my dad and asked him if he would like to team with me in the dirt bike race. I was pretty excited about it since I have not raced a dirt bike in over 12 years, but most of all I was really excited about teaming with my dad. We had talked about it and decided that I would start the race and hand it off to him after a couple of laps. So when I rolled up to the starting line I got all kinds of funny looks from the dirt bike guys and in all fairness I felt pretty funny on the bike too. So I got to the line and said a prayer like I always do before every race then I waited for the flag to drop. When the flag dropped I took off and just pinned it, hoping for the best. About half way down the bomb start I went to grab the clutch and realized that I could not let go of the bars due to some unexpected arm pump, so I backed off the throttle. Then I realized I had no problem hanging onto the bars, I just could not let go, so I went back to plan A (Pin it and hope for the best). Plan A was working better than I thought it would and I found myself battling for the lead, then all of the sudden I found myself in the lead. I was having a blast going through the desert at 90 miles an hour then we got into a sandy tight wash and missed having my other two wheels. I got passed by Justin Morgan and one other guy. After that I settled in and started feeling good on the bike. I did the first three laps and handed the bike off to my dad in third overall. I don’t know who was more surprised at how I was doing in the race, me or the other dirt bike guys that thought I rode a quad because I did not know how to balance a bike. My dad did one lap and was pretty tired so jumped back on and tried reeling in some of the guys that had passed him. I did two more laps and caught back up to fourth place before handing it back to my dad. He did the last two laps of the race and we ended up in seventh overall. I was so pumped after that because most of all I got to do a team race with the man that I have looked up to since I was a little boy. I was very proud that I was able to hand him the bike in third but my dad being my biggest fan told me after the race he thought I would be in first...I just laughed at him. After that race was over I had to put gas in my quad and go to the starting line for the quad team race. I was soloing this race and was pretty excited to do it because I wanted to test my fitness. At the line I said another prayer and waited for the flag to drop. When it did I was off and got a great start. After the first two laps my legs started to cramp so I was forced to stand for a couple of laps. Then I think on my fourth lap I had to pee so bad that I had to pull over before a check point and pee. After that everything was clicking for me and I was having a blast. I was able to build up a good lead by the end of the race. I think the best part of that race for me happened after I had finished. I was waiting for Kristen to come in (she also soloed the race) and after waiting for a bit the 2nd place team showed up then the 3rd place showed up and then to my surprise, my wife soloing the race was in fourth place. I was very proud of her she not only got fourth soloing it but she beat her long time rival and good friend McKenzie Ray. These two girls have raced each other harder than most guys I have seen.  McKenzie's second place finish was enough to earn her a very hard fought championship and the #1w plate again. You girls raced hard and beat a lot of guys out there, good job.

I would like to thank everyone who has made this year possible for myself and the entire team. I know my results have not been good in Baja this year but we ended the year on a high note and will be back stronger and tougher next year. We are headed back to Baja this weekend to ride on our 24th annual Mike's Sky Ranch ride for my dad's birthday and have a little fun with about fifty of our closest friends. Thanks again and have a great Christmas!

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