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2007 Polaris Sawtooth
Tough, Reliable, Affordable

SawtoothThe value-priced Sawtooth delivers the characteristics many riders want in an ATV: it is fun, easy to ride and hassle-free.

Everything about the Sawtooth was designed to be reliable and hassle-free, from the low maintenance 4-stroke, air-cooled 200 engine to the sealed shaft drive. The engine has a counter-balancer and is rubber-mounted in the frame to minimize vibration and to keep the ride smooth. Engine power is managed by a Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) and delivered to the rear drive wheels by a shaft drive. Other hassle-free features include an electric start, a backup kick start and a fully automatic transmission with Forward, Neutral and Reverse.

Polaris combined suspension setup, brake system and ease of steering to give the Sawtooth a smooth ride and great handling characteristics. The front suspension allows a best-in-class 7 inches of wheel travel and the swing-arm rear suspension delivers another class-leading 6.5 inches of rear suspension travel. The front disc brakes combine with a rear drum brake to deliver quicker stops.

Riders also will find the Sawtooth is easy to operate on all terrain, due to the use of a lower starting ratio clutch that delivers a smooth drive from a stopped position and its specially-designed tires that provide enhanced traction.

SawtoothSuperior mud and water protection, steel racks and good lighting give this smaller quad many of the most appealing features found in a full-size recreation and utility ATV. Full fenders and footwells protect the rider in wet conditions while the sealed clutch and air intake keep water out of the engine and clutch. The steel racks have easy tie-downs and a load capacity of 45 pounds in front and 70 pounds in the rear. The Sawtooth also is Lock & Ride compatible, so owners can accessorize the machine to best fit their needs.

The 2007 Sawtooth is available in Red.

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