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Eiger Red

Suzuki introduces the all new rugged 2002 Eiger, in two hard-working versions:

The Eiger automatic 4x4 (LT-A400F), featuring an automatic CVT transmission with high/low range and reverse, and a limited-slip front differential and the Eiger 4x4 (LT-F400F), featuring a 5-speed-plus-reverse manual transmission with high/low range and automatic clutch, and a limited-slip front differential.

The Eiger is the inspiration for a tough new machine that sets the standard for middleweight ATV excellence and value. Delivering a strong combination of features and performance, at a great price. Available with the accessibility of a fully automatic CVT transmission and the ability to easily select 4-wheel-drive or 2-wheel-drive on demand. Built to take on the tough jobs that seem like mountains in everyday life, and to deliver great value.

The 2002 Suzuki Eiger is powered by an advanced single-cylinder, overhead cam aluminum-alloy engine with four valves and 376cc of torque-producing displacement, built using the latest in high-performance, high-durability technology. And for reliable slow-going in tight quarters on hot days, the Eiger has Suzuki’s unique air/oil cooling system, SACS (Suzuki Advanced Cooling System). SACS flows a high volume of oil from a large oil cooler through the cylinder head; the oil cooler itself is equipped with a thermostat-controlled electric fan. SACS is more efficient than air cooling alone, and is lighter, simpler and less complicated than water cooling.

For easier maintenance, the Eiger has a wet sump instead of a separate oil tank, a spin-on oil filter, and a digital electronic ignition system. An electric starter is standard, powered by a sealed, maintenance-free battery. The high-mounted snorkel-type air intake is positioned to foil water splashes, and the stainless steel muffler incorporates a built-in spark arrester.

Both the Eiger automatic 4x4 and automatic 2x4 models have a QuadMatic automatic CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission). Power is transferred by a belt running on variable-diameter pulleys. As the front and rear pulleys change relative diameter, the gear ratio changes to automatically match optimum engine rpm with ground speed. The Eiger CVT system automatically produces engine braking on downhill's, instead of freewheeling like the conventional automatic transmissions used on some competing ATVs. A single, convenient T-handle lever is used to select high and low range, as well as reverse. The engine can be restarted in gear, without first selecting neutral, when the rear brake is applied.

Eiger Black

The Eiger 4x4 and Eiger 2x4 models each feature a five-speed-plus-reverse manual transmission, with an automatic clutch system. Manual-transmission Eiger models move away from a stop smoothly thanks to a centrifugal clutch. A separate clutch disengages automatically when the shift lever is moved, to allow smooth upshifts and downshifts. A single, conveniently-located T-handle selector lever is used to pick low range, high range and reverse. The engine can be restarted in gear, without selecting neutral first, as long as the rear brake is applied.

Both Eiger 4x4 models can be easily switched in and out of 4x4 operation when stopped, using a simple lever. When conditions call for 2x4 drive, the engine drives the rear wheels only. In conditions calling for 4x4 drive, the engine drives all four wheels. Compared to conventional limited-slip differentials, the Eiger’s torque-sensing limited-slip front differential is lighter and more compact, transfers power more efficiently, and produces lighter steering in tight spots.

Class-leading suspension travel smooths the ride on the Eiger, with a full 6.7 inches (170mm) of travel from both the independent double wishbone front suspension and the swingarm rear suspension. The largest dual front disc brakes in the class measure 7.5 inches (190mm) in diameter, with hydraulic calipers. The single rear drum brake is water and mud resistant, and incorporates the parking brake. Large, 25-inch tires contribute to the Eiger’s 9.3 inches (235mm) of ground clearance, with wide 12 x 8.0-inch front rims and 12 x 10-inch rear rims.

All four Eiger models share rugged good looks, with the fuel tank cover and mud guards integrated into the plastic bodywork and fenders, not bolted on as afterthoughts. The Eiger comes complete with full-length floorboards and standard carrying racks. A sealed utility box is mounted underneath the rear rack and bodywork, on the left side. Convenient front and rear racks are standard equipment, along with a trailer hitch. There’s room to mount a front winch, and the fuel tank holds a full 3.96 gallons (15 liters).

The Eiger’s dual halogen headlights are widely mounted, one in each front fender, positioned to illuminate a wide area. The single, wide taillight includes a brake light. An auxiliary electrical outlet can be used to power anything from a cell phone to a radio. And the handlebar-mounted instrument cluster includes an easy-to-read analog speedometer as well as an odometer and a tripmeter.

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