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Has Suzuki built the First True SUV ATV? The new Suzuki Vinson LT-A500F is ready to work when there’s a job to be done and ready to get away when the hard work is finished. An ATV that combines the hard-working capability and big value of a utility ATV with the great looks and performance of a sport ATV.

Vinson YellowThe Suzuki Vinson LT-A500F is the biggest, strongest, most capable ATV Suzuki has ever built.  It is the first true SUV ATV, and it is here now. Advanced Engine Technology, for performance and durability, the Vinson’s LT-A500F engine is a study in the advanced art of high-performance and high-durability design. In general terms, it is a liquid-cooled, big-bore, high-compression, single-cylinder work of art, 493cc with aluminum crankcases, cylinder and high-flow cylinder head. Bore and stroke measure 87.5 x 82mm with a 10:1 compression ratio, a big 36mm CV carburetor and four large valves operated by an overhead camshaft. A counter-balancer shaft reduces vibration. A wet sump carries the oil, making the engine more compact, and a spin-on oil filter simplifies maintenance.

Instead of a conventional cast-iron cylinder liner, the Vinson uses the latest in cylinder plating technology, Suzuki Plasma Spray Coating (SPSC). This innovative new material is more durable and transfers heat better than iron liners, and is more durable and produces less friction than conventional cylinder plating materials. In the process, a high-temperature plasma mix of powdered aluminum alloy and powdered steel alloy is sprayed onto the aluminum cylinder bore. The plasma mix coats and melts into the cylinder material, creating a very durable, efficient and lightweight liner.

A reliable, convenient electric starter is backed up by a recoil starter system, and shaft final drive reduces maintenance.

Compared to previous, similar Suzuki ATV models, the new Vinson LT-A500F makes more power and torque, with better acceleration.

Automatic Transmission, With Selectable 4WD And Efficient Torque-sensing Limited-slip Front Differential.

The Vinson LT-A500F features a QuadMatic fully-automatic CVT transmission with a centrifugal clutch, two-speed sub-transmission and reverse. An advanced system automatically locks in the gear ratio when the Vinson is traveling downhill with the throttle off, providing engine braking.

A set of handlebar-mounted selector buttons allows the Vinson to be conveniently mode-shifted into or out of 4WD.

An efficient torque-sensing limited-slip front differential is lighter, more durable and more compact than a conventional limited-slip differential, delivering lighter steering during tight maneuvering.

A single convenient lever mounted on the fuel tank allows the rider to select low-range, high-range, neutral, reverse or park (which activates the parking brake). And in case of a stall, the engine can be refired without moving the selector lever—all the rider has to do is squeeze the brake lever mounted on the left handlebar, and push the start button.

Vinson GreenWith purpose, one glance says that the Vinson LT-A500F is no ordinary ATV. The Vinson’s bold looks stand out even when it’s slogging through a muddy field in low-range 4WD. It’s big, 82.4 inches (2093mm) long with a steady, 50-inch (1271mm) wheelbase and a full 9.9 inches (252mm) of ground clearance. Yet the Vinson’s dry weight of 604 pounds (274 kilograms) makes it as light as or lighter than any would-be competitor. At 44.8 inches (1139mm) wide, the Vinson is also narrower than the attempted competition, making make it easier to ride through the woods or fit between rocks.

There’s a useful purpose behind even the smallest styling detail. Consider the bodywork. Smooth transitions between the low, comfortable T-shaped seat and the rear fenders and sidecovers make it easier for the rider to move back-and-forth or side-to-side when riding. High-swept fenders incorporate mud extensions on the outside edges. The distinctive front end features a heavy-duty grill as well as a high-impact-plastic skid plate and CV-joint guards. The skid plate slides over rocks and obstacles more smoothly than conventional skid plates made out of metal, won’t dent, and is lighter.

Full floorboards (with drain holes) not only look clean but also help deflect spray and splashes in wet or muddy conditions. The fuel tank holds a generous 5.0 gallons (19 liters), stretching out time between fill-ups, and the high-mounted air-cleaner intake helps when crossing shallow streams or flooded pastures. Multi-Reflector Headlights, Taillight And Independent Auxiliary Light.

The Vinson LT-A500F has efficient, widely-spaced multi-reflector high/low headlights, mounted on the front fenders. A handlebar-mounted auxiliary light aims where the bars are turned, and can be turned off when a load is being carried on the front rack, to avoid the distraction of light reflecting back at the rider. There’s a brake light built into the large multi-reflector taillight, and two waterproof 12v DC power outlets to plug in a cell-phone, a radio, or other electrically-powered device. A powerful 325-watt alternator and maintenance-free battery keep it all running.

Full Digital Instrumentation - There isn’t another ATV with the type of full digital instrumentation seen on the Vinson LT-A500F. The rugged digital display is built into the handlebar-mounted Auxiliary Light housing and includes a speedometer that reads in mph or kph, an odometer, two trip meters, an hour meter, a clock and a gear position indicator. Separate indicator lights are provided for neutral, reverse, high-beam and parking brake.

The Vinson LT-A500F’s standard front and rear carrying racks are integrated into the design and fit flush with the smooth bodywork, instead of being bolted on as an afterthought. With class-leading front and rear rack carrying capacities, the Vinson LT-A500F is ready to haul sacks of feed on a spring weekday, or carry out a deer on a fall weekend. To handle bulky weekday loads that require use of a trailer, a hitch with class-leading towing capacity is standard.

A 3.2-quart (3.0-liter) waterproof storage compartment is built into the right front fender, with a screw-on cap. A generous 5.0-quart (4.7-liter) sealed storage box is positioned underneath the taillight. Adjustable Long-travel Suspension, Front And Rear Disc Brakes, Aluminum Wheels And All-Terrain Tires.

The Vinson LT-A500F’s independent double-wishbone front suspension with coil-over shock absorbers delivers a full 5.1 inches (130mm) of front wheel travel, with five-way adjustable spring preload. Swingarm rear suspension with coil-over shock absorber delivers a full 7.9 inches (200mm) of rear wheel travel, again with five-way adjustable spring preload. More wheel travel means a more comfortable ride, and adjustable preload provides the ability to compensate for varying loads.

Dual 7.5-inch (190mm) front disc brakes and a single 8.5-inch (216mm) rear disc brake are standard.

Large 25x8-12 front and 25x10-12 rear all-terrain tires are fitted on cast aluminum wheels. The cast wheels are lighter and look better than the conventional stamped wheels used on would-be competitors.

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