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The Suzuki QuadSport Z400 continues to be a dominant force in the sport ATV category, both in the showroom and on the track. The Z400 features an advanced four-stroke powerplant, state-of-the art chassis and suspension components and a slick-shifting five-speed transmission all combined in a powerful, nimble and lightweight package.

For 2005 the QuadSport Z400 receives the following upgrades:

  • New aluminum front bumper and rear grab-bar.
  • Larger 37mm Mikuni carburetor with throttle position sensor linked to the ignition system.
  • Redesigned cam profiles for increased power output.
  • Additional clutch drive plate (8 to 9) for improved clutch actuation feel.
  • New aluminum gearshift pedal for weight reduction.
  • Magnesium clutch cover, valve cover and ignition cover for weight reduction.
  • New reservoir-type front shock absorbers for improved suspension action.

In addition, the white version Z400 sports a new blue frame and both colors feature a new graphics package for a more aggressive look.

Powering the QuadSport Z400 is a high-performance 398cc liquid-cooled, DOHC, single cylinder four-stroke engine. Its bore and stroke measure 90.0mm x 62.6mm. Four valves are actuated by cam lobes riding directly on bucket tappets. The cylinder head features a narrow 28-degree included valve angle for a compact, efficient combustion chamber with an 11.2:1 compression ratio. Fuel is fed through 36mm intake valves, with exhaust leaving through 29mm valves. A dry sump lubrication system contributes to the more compact engine package.

The aluminum-alloy cylinder is plated with Suzuki's own race-proven nickel phosphorussilicon-carbide coating, known as SCEM (Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material), for reduced weight and improved heat transfer, allowing for tighter and more efficient pistonto-cylinder clearance. Additionally, the piston is forged aluminum-alloy for even more weight savings. A counter-balancer shaft reduces vibration, while an automatic cam chain tensioner and an electronic CDI ignition simplify maintenance duties. A manual five-speed transmission (with reverse gear) transmits horsepower to the wheels. A handy knob on the front left fender releases the reverse interlock to select reverse gear with final drive transmitted through an O-ring sealed roller chain. Suzuki's own Start-In-Gear System allows the engine to be started in any gear when the left brake lever is applied.

The QuadSport Z400 starts with a lightweight, rigid, high-tensile-steel-alloy tube frame and sub-frame. An independent double-wishbone front suspension system provides 215mm (8.5 inches) of travel. Out back, an aluminum-alloy swingarm utilizes a fully adjustable piggyback reservoir shock with 230mm (9.1 inches) of wheel travel. A highimpact skid plate is standard equipment as are durable, serrated-steel footpegs.

Wheelbase measures 1245mm (49 inches) with a full 265mm (10.4 inches) of ground clearance. Rolling stock consists of aluminum alloy wheels shod with Dunlop radial tires for maximum traction and performance. The Z400's T-shaped seat is narrow at the front and flares out over the rear fenders, allowing the rider to comfortably shift weight back and forth and side to side. Seat height is set at 810mm (31.9 inches) and smoothly transitions to the bodywork and lightweight 10-liter (2.65-gallon) fuel tank. A multi-reflector taillight mounted at the rear completes the QuadSport Z400. One look is all it takes to appreciate the QuadSport Z400's sporty, aggressive styling.

The Z400 has a sharply angled nose with stacked dual headlights, twin air intakes and high-mounted, deeply flared front and rear fenders. The result is the most unique Suzuki ATV ever built.

The '05 Suzuki QuadSport Z400. Engineered for fun.


  • Suggested Retail: $5,799.00
  • Engine Type: Four-stroke, single cylinder, liquid-cooled, DOHC
  • Transmission: Five-speed manual
  • Front Brake: Twin Hydraulic Disc
  • Rear Brake: Single Hydraulic Disc
  • Wheelbase: 49.0 in. (1245 mm)
  • Dry Weight: 373 lbs. (169 kg)


  • Overall length: 1830 mm (72.0 in)
  • Overall width: 1165 mm (45.9 in)
  • Overall height: 1160 mm (45.7 in)
  • Wheelbase: 245 mm (49.0 in)
  • Front track: 935 mm (36.8 in)
  • Rear track: 910 mm (35.8 in)
  • Ground clearance: 265 mm (10.4 in)
  • Seat height: 810 mm (31.9 in)
  • Dry mass: 169 kg (373 lbs)


  • Type: Four stroke, liquid-cooled, DOHC
  • Number of cylinders: 1
  • Bore: 90.0 mm (3.543 in)
  • Stroke: 62.6 mm (2.465 in)
  • Displacement: 398 cm3 (24.3cu. in)
  • Compression ratio: 11.2:1
  • Carburetor: MIKUNI BSR37
  • Air cleaner: Polyurethane foam element
  • Starter system: Electric
  • Lubrication system: Dry sump
  • Idle speed: 1500 100 r/min


  • Clutch: Wet multi-plate type
  • Transmission: 5-forward and 1-reverse
  • Gearshift pattern:
         forward: 1 down, 4 up, foot operated
         reverse: Foot/hand operated
  • Primary drive ratio: 2.960 (74/25)
  • Gear ratios:
         Low: 2.538 (33/13)
         2nd: 1.666 (30/18)
         3rd: 1.238 (26/21)
         4th: 1.000 (23/23)
         Top: 0.846 (22/26)
         Reverse: 2.153 (28/13)
  • Final drive ratio: 2.857 (40/14)
  • Drive chain: RK 520SMOZ10S, 96 Links


  • Front suspension: Independent, double wishbone, coil spring, oil damped
  • Rear suspension: Swingarm-type, coil spring, oil damped
  • Front wheel travel: 215 mm (8.5 in)
  • Rear wheel travel: 230 mm (9.1 in)
  • Steering angle: 41
  • Caster: 8.5
  • Trail: 36 mm (1.42 in)
  • Toe-in: 5 mm (0.20 in)
  • Camber: -9
  • Turning radius: 3.1 m (10.2 ft)
  • Front brake: Disk brake, twin
  • Rear brake: Disk brake
  • Front tire size: AT22x7 (R10), tubeless
  • Rear tire size: AT20x10 (R9), tubeless


  • Ignition type: Electronic ignition (CDI)
  • Ignition timing: 10 B.T.D.C. at 1500 r/min
  • Spark plug: NGK CR7E or DENSO U22ESR-N
  • Battery: 12V 28.8 kC (8 Ah)/10 HR
  • Generator: Three phase A.C. generator
  • Main fuse: 20A
  • Fan fuse: 10A
  • Headlight: 12V 30/30Wx2
  • Brake light/Taillight: 12V 21/5W
  • Neutral indicator light: 12V 3W
  • Reverse indicator light: 12V 3W
  • Coolant temperature warning light: 12V 3W


  • Fuel tank, including reserve: 10.0 L (2.6/2.2 US/Imp gal)
         reserve: 2.7 L (0.7/0.6 US/Imp gal)
  • Engine oil:
         oil change: 2000 ml (2.1/1.8 US/Imp qt)
         with filter: 2100 ml (2.2/1.8 US/Imp qt)
         overhaul: 2200 ml (2.3/1.9 US/Imp qt)
  • Coolant: 1.2 L (1.3/1.1 US/Imp qt)

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